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What a transformation for this garden and house entrance. A few changes to key access areas can improve the visual impact of the house, give your property excellent kerb appeal, and better day-to-day function.

The driveway was originally very boggy and impractical, this was updated by the addition of a gridlocked system and new gravel, which ensures a strong, durable surface without the high expense of concrete. This is also a permeable surface so the water doesn't run off into stormwater drains but soaks into the garden.

Lawns surrounding the driveway were also removed, timber edging added, and then planted with natives, before being barked. Given the full sun aspect of this area natives were the best choice to ensure low maintenance but great visual appeal.

The retaining wall was aged and originally not fit for purpose. The original retaining wall was removed and rebuilt, resulting in an attractive garden wall that provides a safe, tidy, and separated parking area within the property.

This client had multiple lawn areas in access ways that required high maintenance but were unused spaces. Lawns were therefore removed and new paved garden path was added to provide a tidy and low maintenance ease of access between the driveway and back gate.

Great Kerb Appeal

Great Kerb Appeal

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