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Maternity Leave

Time at the company: Since September 2021.

The best part about working for Tim’s Garden: Working within a team that all share the same values and passion for gardening, the outdoors and the environment – it's extremely rewarding :)

Previous work: My background is in Operations, PR and Marketing. I have mostly worked for agency firms, so it's great to now be working in-house for a local business that I’m passionate about!

Favourite plant & edible plant: I love decorative plants! Indoors, my monstera deliciosa is my prize possession. Outdoors, it’s my Café au Lait Dahlia’s. My favourite edibles are peas, cherry tomatoes and strawberries – very easy and rewarding plants to grow and the best part is they can be picked and eaten straight away.

Interests/hobbies: With a VERY busy nearly-two-year-old, my interests and hobbies tend to reflect his (luckily this mean lots of time outdoors!). In between the diggers and trucks, we spend plenty of time with family, in the garden, or at the beach.

Gardening tip: Get your kids involved in the garden – it’s such a fun and educational activity that can keep everyone entertained for hours. There’s so much variety to touch, smell, taste, climb and discuss.

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