Gardener & Landscaping Assistant

Time at the company: Since May 2019

Best part about working for Tim’s Garden: Helping busy people create beautiful garden spaces to enjoy and coming back to see them and keeping them in pristine condition year-round. Working with a great team outdoors.

Previous work: Most recently for the last 2 years has been a stay at home dad while my wife returned to work.

Favourite plant & edible plant: Euphorbia Obesa (yes I’m the cactus guy) Edible plant would have to be tomatoes, variety cherry I enjoy taking my little toddler Elliott out with me, he loves picking them and munching on them.

Interests/hobbies: As I said I’m the Cactus guy so collecting interesting cacti and succulents. Kayak fishing during the summer months. Spending time at the beach with my son digging holes and building castles.

Gardening tip: Even in a small area you can create a wonderful edible garden.