Office Manager

Time at the company: Since October 2019

Best part about working for Tim’s Garden: Working for a local gardening business that is ecologically conscious; in an ‘office’ surrounded by plants with a friendly team and marketing a product I believe in.

Previous work: Marketing, ESL teacher and Forest Ranger.

Favourite plant & edible plant: Bougainvellias for their intense colours and how they add so much character to a building, pergola, veranda. Favourite edible plant is Cavolo Nero 100%, I can't get enough of it!

Interests/hobbies: Nature, sustainability, tiny houses, macrobiotic food, Ayurveda, slow living. I enjoy cooking for my family, nature walks, swimming in the ocean/ rivers, yoga, meditation, reading, life.

Gardening tip: Grow what you love eating, seeing and smelling.