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Large Asplenium nidus 'Birds Nest Fern'

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Please note that due to the size of this plant it can only be shipped to Nelson addresses (non-Rural)


Providing an abundance of naturally glossy leaves arranged in a circular pattern resembling a bird's nest, Asplendium Nidus commonly known as ‘Birds Nest Fern’ is a popular and beautiful fern grown as a houseplant.


This fern loves warmth, humidity and shade making them an ideal plant for the bathroom. If situated in a dryer environment, mist regularly to provide the additional humidity for your plant to thrive. The fronds can grow 1 metre in length.


The Birds Nest Fern is non-toxic and a wonderful air purifier for your home or office space.


Planters not included. Comes in Nursery pot.

Image is an example of product and slight variations are to be expected.

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