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Nelson's Local Organic Garden & Landscaping Specialist

Healthy garden, healthy you

At Tim’s Garden, we pride ourselves in delivering quality across our range of garden design, services and supplies.


We create landscaping plans and implement them with our specialist team to provide our customers with unique, thoughtful and inspiring outdoor spaces.

Our philosophy


we don’t use any harsh chemical sprays and use certified organic products where possible.

Edible Landscapes

Gardens can provide healthy and sustainable food so we integrate edible areas into our designs should our customers request it.

Ecologically Conscious

We try to source sustainable building materials, reduce waste, reduce unnecessary travel, compost our green waste, and work with local suppliers.


We integrate smart planning and efficient layouts using these principles.


We build soil, plant to the local conditions and encourage biodiversity.

Shop local & organic

Located at 26 Gloucester street; your local gardening hub. A calm and relaxed ambience for your gardening inspiration. Our aim is to create a place for the local gardeners whether a beginner or advanced to come together, share their knowledge and learn through our workshops.


We have a variety of organic seedlings, trees, plants, pots, tools, living Community Compost, fertilisers, gardening books, locally made art, gifts and much more.


Our landscaping, garden design and maintenance office is based in our shop. If you have any garden related queries we welcome you to book an appointment to speak with one of our specialists.


If you want to stock a product in our store or present at one of our workshops then we would love to hear from you. Please email an expression of interest to us outlining your business and proposal.

Our process

We can oversee your project from design to installation and follow up with regular maintenance





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