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Garden & landscaping consultations

Do you need some expert advice on your garden?

Maybe you’ve just purchased a new property and are unsure how to best look after the plants that came with it.
Or maybe you just want to freshen up an older garden and are looking for some new ideas.

With a consultation, one of our experts will come to your garden and spend an hour with you discussing your unique questions and needs.


After the consultation, you will receive a detailed write up that will answer your questions and provide you with advice and suggestions for your garden.


We can also provide a quote for any work that you might require or work with you to implement any suggestions.

Landscaping consultations

$190 + GST

Landscaping consultations include:


  • Layout and usage advice

  • Seasonal change considerations

  • Hard landscaping options

  • Irrigation and rainwater harvesting

  • Design inspiration

  • Edible landscape plans

Horticultural consultations

$190 + GST

Horticultural consultations include:


  • Identification of existing plants

  • How to care for them

  • Diagnose plant diseases/problems

  • Planting ideas 

  • Planting plan

Consultation Enquiry

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