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This was a project we completed just before the Christmas break. It was so satisfying to hear that our customers got to enjoy their new space over the holidays with family and friends. We went back recently to see how it looked and we were every bit as happy as our clients with the result. A few more details to come about this job soon.

From hard to manage lawn into an edible garden. We installed a row of macrocarpa raised beds so that they could start growing more of their own produce and make this space more functional. We designed and built some custom planter boxes and just a few months later you can already start to see the harvest growing!

To make these boxes more accessible we also extended the paved area using reclaimed red clay bricks. We love upcycling materials whenever we can! This path extended down the side of the house and curved around to the back section of the garden. We love how the defined lines really draw you in and lead you through the garden into the next space.

Our brief for this job was to integrate pathways, seating, and a relaxing spa area. The new deck and handrail link well to the master bedroom and create an area for a morning coffee or evening glass of wine in the shade. This area has now been transformed from a space that you would bypass to a spot that you want to go to and spend some time in. It’s going to feel even more secluded and private once the planted area begins to take shape. We provided a planting schedule that will bring this area to life with both colour and aroma.

This cracked concrete area was replaced with 600mm stone paving. It is now the most used part of the garden and links the kitchen to the garden perfectly. We feel the colour compliments the style of the house and now offers year-round use of the space. For the design, we linked the new patio area to the other parts of the garden with stepping stones of the same pavers to create neat clean lines. This gave the lawn and patio a symmetrical and consistent look throughout.

Nelson Landscaping Transformation

Nelson Landscaping Transformation

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