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Time at the company: Since September 2022.

The best part about working for Tim’s Garden:
Getting to work with fellow green thumbs and being able to see the long term effects of our presence in the different gardens.

Previous work: I had my own garden and landscaping business called "Charred Roots" back in Canada which revolved around fireproofing landscapes in my arid home valley and creating xeriscapes with native plants from the surrounding area.

Favourite plant & edible plant: Lilac for the smell and memories and Chamomile for the copious amounts of tea one can harvest from a single plant. And native, Pōhutukawa. Hands down neatest bloom I’ve ever seen.

Interests/hobbies: Reading, hiking, camping, swimming at all the different beaches in N.Z. and, of course, gardening.

Gardening tip: Too much love kills more plants than too little.

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