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Time at the company: Since October 2022.

The best part about working for Tim’s Garden: Being part of an awesome, knowledgeable team and seeing the difference we can make to peoples gardens.

Previous work: I’ve spent roughly 5 years working in a plant nursery before joining the Tim’s Garden team. Prior to that I was doing a bit of vet nursing.

Favourite plant & edible plant: Kunzea ‘little fox’. A shrub version of the Kānuka with feathery soft foliage. My favourite edible plant is the blueberry.

Interests/hobbies:  Football, music, camping, games nights with friends, spending time with my partner and our dog.

Gardening tip: It’s easier to spend a little time in the garden more often staying on top of the weeding than it is to catch up once they have spread.

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